Parish Residents Non-Parish Residents
Main Hall, Lounge & Kitchen     Per hour        Per hour
Monday - Thursday    8am to midnight       £15          £25
Friday 8am - 6pm       £15            £25
Friday eve, Saturday, Sunday         £25          £30
     Daily rate      Daily rate
Saturday, Sunday & BH   (8am to midnight)      £260        £370
Green Room & facilities    Per hour       Per hour
At all times       £10          £15
Hire of Lining    
Roof only     £100         £220
Roof & Walls     £175         £330

NB: If you live in the village, there is a special rate for children's parties for Primary school age children and younger.

A refundable damage deposit is levied on bookings of the Hall and the lining for all parties, weddings and bookings of a similar nature